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We don't reinvent the wheel: in Edu-AREA you can not create resources, but you can register them.

There are a lot of tools to create resources and we show you the ones you can use (for example, Picture Editors). Once created, you can register them in Edu-AREA to use them in your plans.

Open Concept

The Paris Declaration of Paris about OER of 2002 promoted by UNESCO and Commonwealth of Learning (COL) defines Open Educative Resources (OER) as

"'[...] teaching, learning and research materials in any medium, digital or otherwise, that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions. Open licensing is built within the existing framework of intellectual property rights as defined by relevant international conventions and respects the authorship of the work'".

The 5 Rs

Following the Edu-AREA open movement principles you can exercise your rights recognized in the 5 Rs:

OER Granularity

Sampson & Zervas (2014) propose a hierarchical classification of the elements in the next levels:

Register Resources

Describe the resource so other teachers can know it and value it in order to use it. You may include information about its Creative Commons license (CC). The system registers all uses of it.

Search and Explore

Use search and explore features to locate what you are looking for.

Edit Plans

Choose the template you want to use and prepare the plans for your activities or lesson plans. You can use the resources and the plans available, combining and editing them at will. Edu-AREA checks that different elements CC licences are being respected.

Classify in Boards

Create, classify and organize according to your preferences.

Document your Experience

Add evidences, observations and reflections about your courses. You can also modify your courses along with it development, changing resources and plans.


A resource is any kind of element which may be used during the development of a teaching/learning process. In Edu-AREA we distinguish between the following kinds of resources:

Resources of Edu-AREA can be included in Activities and Lesson Plans you may take in consideration. You can add them to Boards.


An Activity defines a methodology done as part of a learning/teaching process. In Edu-AREA an Activity can be made from several components organized according to a template. There are many predefined templates in which different structures are considered as guidelines combining objectives, guides, Resources, etc.

In Edu-AREA a Lesson Plan can be made from many Activities and Resources, together with other components organized following a template. There are many predefined templates in which different structures are considered as guidelines combining objectives, areas of expertise, guides, etc

To ease the shaping based on homogeneous criteria plans can always include the following components:

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