What can you find?

Edu-AREA is a program to promote teaching innovation. The main objective is to provide teachers with a set of elements and features that inspire them and help them deal with innovation and improvement in their teaching.

In Edu-AREA there are several elements that share a number of common characteristics:

  • Lesson Plans. A set of activities aimed at one or more educational objectives.

  • Activities. These are indications or guidelines for the development of educational developments.

  • Resources. They can use or participate in development activities.

As Edu-AREA user you can create the elements you want, either publicly or privately.

  • UnlockedPublic elements. They will be visible to all users, including anonymous users.

  • Lock2Private elements. They can be viewed just by the creator.

Related to the edition, you are allowed to modify your own elements. Nevertheless, if you're signed in you can make a copy of any element that you find and modify that copy. In no case you are allowed to modify any element that is not yours neither other users can modify your own elements.

The three main elements of Edu-AREA (Resources, Activities and Lesson Plans) can be of two types:

  • Checkbox uncheckedGeneric. They are defined in an open way, for categories or types.

  • Checkbox partialSpecific. They are real entities or individuals of an generic element.

Currently Edu-AREA doesn't allows to relate generic elements with specific elements.