A Resource is any item that can be used during the development of a teaching / learning process. In Edu-AREA we distinguish between the following types of resources:

  • Documents: Elements with textual and/or multimedia information, such as: web pages, PDFs, pictures, videos, photographs, maps, questionnaires, animations, etc.

  • Applications: Software components that offer functionalities or services, such as: text editors, blogs, video players, games, etc.

  • Devices: Physical items based or nor in new technologies, such as: computers, blackboards/whiteboards, scissors, video camera, etc.

  • Guests: People outside the school (not considered teachers or students) who can participate in activities at the center. Participation can be diverse: give a talk, make a demonstration, evaluate student work, etc. Examples of guests: parents, a painter, a musician, etc.

  • Trips: Places or events physical or virtual (web site, webinar) that take place outside of school and where the class can participate, such as: Museums, zoos, concerts, factories.

The resources of Edu-AREA can be included in Activities and in Lesson Plans you consider appropriate. They can also be incorporated into the boards.

In Edu-AREA, educational resources are not saved, but have tabs with information or reviews thereof. In terms of resources, it is therefore a reference system (referatory) rather than a repository.