Adaptation: If I modify material licensed under a Creative Commons license, which CC license can I use?

The original license of the material you modified will always apply to the material, even once you modified it. The license you may choose for your own contribution (adapter's license) depends on which license applies to the original material.

For a detailed explanation about licensing an adaptation, see the following video tutorial: Asignar licencia a una Adaptación en Edu-AREA.

The chart below details the Creative Commons license you may choose as your adapter's license. If the box is green you may choose the license. Creative Commons does not recommend using a license if the corresponding box is yellow. Gray boxes indicate those licenses you cannot choose.

Combination: Can I combine works that use different Creative Commons licenses into my work?

It depends. If you use works licensed under different Creative Commons licenses and want to include them in your work, you must pay attention to the compatibility chart, in order to choose the right license to license your final work.

For a more detailed explanation about licensing a combination, see the video tutorial: Asignar licencia a una Combinación en Edu-AREA.

The chart below shows which Creative Commons licenses can be combined. If there is a green check mark in the intersection of two licenses, then those licenses are compatible. On the other hand, if there is an X, those licenses cannot be used together.