Assign License

In Edu-AREA, three types of licenses are managed: Creative Commons licenses, Some Rights Reserved license or choose not to license at all.

For a detailed explanation about licensing, see the following video tutorial: AsignaciĆ³n de licencia en Edu-AREA.

The following table shows the different license options available for each element in Edu-AREA:

In the case of an Activity or Lesson Plan, the option Some Rights Reserved is not available because we want to encourage, from the Edu-AREA platform, the creation of Open Educational Resources with open licenses such as Creative Commons. Resources in Edu-AREA do have this option because resources are not created in the platform. A link to the resource's location or to the location of the files we want to upload is provided. In this case, if the user has any type of notice from the author that allows them to use the author's work, then he/she can use that work when he/she creates an Activity or Lesson Plan in Edu-AREA. Nevertheless, we recommend that the creation of Activities and Lesson Plans should use Creative Commons licenses to obey one of the most important OER principles such as the use of open licenses.