An Activity defines an interaction that is performed as part of learning/teaching process involving students and/or teachers, using one or more Resources.

In Edu-AREA an Activity may consist of several components organized according to a template. There are several predefined templates where different structures are combined involving objectives, guides, resources, etc. If you are interested in a new type of template do not hesitate to contact us.

To facilitate the characterization based on uniform criteria, an Activity can always include the following two components:

  • Technological Profile. It describes the available technologies in terms of generic and specific tools. The following elements are considered: Applications, devices, LMSs, Operating Systems and Internet connection type.

  • Curriculum Profile. It describes the curriculum features. The following elements are considered: Levels, course, subjects, official objectives and language.

Edu-AREA allows you to save and edit Activities. It is therefore, a repository and a publisher of activities. In addition, Edu-AREA allows the combination of Activities to elaborate Lesson Plans.